WordPress vs Wix: Which one to use for building a website?

When it comes to building a website, most of us think of WordPress but even with the majority of having control of 29% of websites available on the internet, WordPress is not the only option for building a website.

There is another name that is gaining popularity in the market i.e. Wix. It is a platform that is used to build websites.  Choosing between Wix and WordPress is a difficult decision to make. Both the platforms are a good website builder, but they have their own differences. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and it is necessary to know all of them in order to understand which one is particularly better.

Below is the comparison of WordPress and Wix in some of the categories that are very important to consider while choosing a platform for website building:



One of the best things about WordPress is that it is free to use and the users will get their own domain name and web hosting to install WordPress. Depending on the budget, the users can go with a basic plan, such as BlueHost that will only charge $2.75 on a monthly basis. If budget allows, the users can use managed WordPress Hosting like WPEngine that charges around $29 per month.


The basic plan of Wix for website building is absolutely free. Still, there are some setbacks with it. Firstly, your site would be stuffed with Wix brand ads, pop-ups and pages and you won’t be able to control it. Secondly, you will not be given a custom domain name for your website.

Also, all types of useful add-ons like Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce are not available in the basic version. To get all those add-ons and remove all the ads, you will have to switch to the premium version of Wix.  You will be a different plan option to choose from that will be either on a monthly basis or yearly basis. The most popular plan on Wix is the unlimited plan that cost around $12.5 per month.

There are plenty of themes and plugins available on WordPress that can be used to reduce the cost. Well in this category, WordPress definitely has an upper hand due to its free resources available for the users.

Ease of use


Basically, WordPress comes with a visual editor that allows the users to write their content and theme customizer to set their website them in a WYSIWYG environment. To get full control of all the features of appearance, the users will have to fully understand all the different sections such as navigation menus, customizer, visual editor and many more.


Wix, on the other hand, has some easy and powerful tools for building websites. It offers a simple drag and drop feature that allows the users to insert any kind of element on their website and start editing.

The drag and drops feature of Wix make it more user-friendly in terms of ease of use than WordPress.

Design and Layout


WordPress offers thousands of free and paid themes options to choose from. Free or paid most of the themes can be easily customized according to the users need. Free themes come with certain limitation, but they are also well processed. On the other hand, paid themes provide more features and also have premium options.


Wix has over 500+ pre-made templates available to choose from. All the designs available on Wix are coded in HTML5 format and are fully responsive.  There are large varieties of designs available for every type of websites. But one of the biggest problems with Wix is that once the user has selected a template, they cannot change it again.

Clearly, the winner is WordPress as it allows the users to customize their websites and make any changes in the future.

Availability of Plugins and Apps


WordPress offers countless numbers of plugins and apps to its users. Whether it’s creating a contact form, installing Google Analytics, build a membership website, WordPress definitely has a plugin for all of that.


There are nearly 200+ apps available on Wix. These apps include all the common features demanded by most users like adding contact forms, gallery, comments, email list, and so on. Most of the apps have a free or light version and need monthly payment to upgrade into the premium.

When it comes to plugins and apps, nothing can beat WordPress. However, Wix is growing its collection of plugins and apps day by day.

WordPress is far ahead to Wix as a website building platform. Although, Wix is more user-friendly, for the long run results WordPress is the better option to choose.

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