Why Employee Appreciation Is Necessary?

Employees are the biggest resource of any organization. It is due to their efforts and persistence that the company thrives.  Employees play a dominating role in the success of the organization and that is why it is necessary, they are being appreciated for their hard work.

Appreciation is very important as it instills a sense of motivation in the employees and inspires them to work with more dedication and energy.  It makes the employees more productive towards their work and encourages them to think for the company’s good. Most of the big companies that are doing so well understand this thing that a happy and motivated employee is the key to success.

Here are some of the ways that you can use to appreciate your employees:

Lunch with the boss

Take your best-performing employees outside for lunch. Let them choose the restaurant and take the time to know them personally like their ambition, hobbies, anything apart from the work life.

Praise them in open

Call the entire team or staff and appreciate your best-performing employee for his immense contribution to the company. It will mean more to the employee if they are recognized publicly.

A shopping spree

If your organization has reached a milestone or a celebrating multi-year anniversary, then you may consider this event as a great opportunity to appreciate all your employees. You can take them for shopping by giving each employee a certain amount of money and let them have fun.

Attend a charitable event

If your organization maintains a relationship with a particular charitable trust, then you can buy a couple of tickets for them at the next event. Those events are always great fun, and it allows all the employees to unite together other than the office space. Spending time with your employees will help a lot in building a strong relationship with them.

 Certificate of achievement

You can celebrate your employees’ achievement in the organization. You may present a certificate in honor of an employee who has completed 5/10 years in your organization. Give a short speech for their credibility and qualities and share a memory among the employees how his/her efforts helped the company to grow.

Personal Handwritten note

It is not necessary that you have to spend large amounts of money to appreciate the employees. There are other pocket-friendly ways that you can use such as placing a personal thank-you note on their desk. For some employee, these things mean a lot.

Movie tickets

Buy a couple of tickets for a movie or a concert running in the city and give it to your best-performing employees. Don’t forget to give them a leave so that they can take a day off and enjoy the show with their closed ones.

All the ideas mentioned above are not very expensive and they will fit in your pocket for sure. These little things may look very simple or common, but the impact that it will have will be huge on the growth of your organization.

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