The Basic Difference between WordPress Themes and Plugins


Today, around 28 percent of the total websites available on the internet are powered by WordPress. Well, the incredible number of plugins and themes that this giant CMS platform provides is the very reason why it is being used by millions of websites.

There is no doubt that the themes and the plugins provided by WordPress is one of the major reasons behind the huge success of WordPress. However, the real question lies here is that how well do you know the differences between them? If you are fully aware of the difference, then it’s good that you know about it. Well, if you are one of those who are using both plugins and themes, but still have no clue how to distinguish between the two, then you are in the right stoppage.

In this article, we will be throwing some lights on WordPress Plugins and Themes and will take our time in learning all the difference between them.



In first, we will know about themes then will move further. Basically, a theme in WordPress is actually a set of premade templates and layouts that are used to alter the appearance of a website powered by WordPress. The themes can be easily changed, managed and customized at will from the library of the WordPress that is equipped with a huge collection of Pre-made templates.

The themes available on WordPress are paid and free both. Each one of them comes with different features and utility, you can go with any one of them that is compatible with your website and suits your requirement.  Therefore, be it an e-commerce website, professional website, blog website, photography website or any other. You can surely get a theme as per your need.

Summing it up, to describe themes in plain and simple words, let’s say that if WordPress is like a car, then themes will be equivalent to the exterior of the car. All the visual aspects of a website like the layouts, colors, designs and all others are defined with the help of themes.



On the other hand, Plugins is actually software consisting of a set of various functions that can be used on the websites powered by WordPress. So, they are basically used to extend the functionality and include new features in the website. All the plugins used in WordPress run under the PHP framework and provides a seamless functioning.

Just like the themes, there are plenty of plugins available free and paid both. So, like said above, if WordPress is like a car and themes are its exterior, then the plugins are the just like the add-ons that are used for the modification of the car. You can choose the plugins as per your website design and necessities.

Wrapping it up, themes and plugins are both important in their own ways for a website. By so far, you must have understood the major difference between the two of them. So, next time you will know what is required to enhance the performance of your website.

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