Step by Step Procedure to Edit Your PDF File without a PDF Editor

edit pdf file without editor

PDF file formats are very much popular because of their compact size which makes them highly user-friendly and easy to share as well. Everyone, from business professionals to government personnel use this software to transmit large documents. People prefer this format since no other format keeps the contents of document protected like this. The non-editable format keeps it secured from viewing by other users, but what happens if you need to edit some of the contents from the file?

It is now very easy to edit PDFs even without a PDF editor, unlike the conventional belief. Generally, two methods are there to edit PDFs- editing in PDF editor and converting the format to word.

First Method- Using a PDF Editor

Editing in PDF editor is the basic method chosen by many of you. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems to be. At first, you need to have a PDF editor at hand, but these aren’t so inexpensive to buy. For example, Adobe Acrobat Professional cost so high which may exceed your budget for regular use.

Again, it takes time to learn all the features and software applications for working with it. Some people find Adobe Acrobat very much complicated. You need to spend a lot of time when working with it. However, you can do it in Microsoft Word instead.

The author restricts other users from viewing, copying, editing or printing by securing it with author password. You need to download with author password since you cannot edit without the right password.

Second Method- Converting to Word File

Another way of editing PDF file without a PDF editor is by converting PDF to word. This method enables you to convert a PDF file to Word and then make necessary edition in Word. Indeed, editing in Word is much easier than in earlier method. What is important is that you need a good PDF to Word converter in order to get that specific result.

In this process, the first and the foremost thing to consider is the quality of conversion. You need to convert everything including text, images, hyperlinks, tables and even equations. Once you convert all the items, you can then edit as per your requirement.

PDF Converter with Special Feature

PDF to Word converter doesn’t come free of cost, but it has excellent capability to remove restrictions. In some cases, the PDF file downloaded from the Internet are secured against editing, copying and printing. You may need to access for research or other non-commercial purpose. It isn’t possible to ask for the password to the author. Fortunately, the PDF editor solves all problems and makes everything fall in order. Download it today and install it for free trial.

Convert Word to PDF Again

At the end, don’t forget to convert Word file to PDF again. Online you can find many available creators that are free of cost and very simple. If you have access to Microsoft Word 2007, you can use plug-in which will enable you to save file as PDF.

There are solutions to everything, including editing your PDF file without a PDF editor. There methods available to convert the file and this can effectively work better. The advanced system makes it extremely fast and easy for anyone to convert PDF files without prior experience.

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