Qualcomm join hands with Facebook to bring fast Wi-Fi

The entry into a variety of business makes it clear that Facebook wants to be in each corner of the planet, even if it requires building its own Internet. Recently, we have seen Facebook launching Terragraph which is a multi-meter wavelength, 60 GHz wireless system that can boost the internet through buildings in urban areas. And with its recent partnership, Facebook has made its mark, more and more stronger.

Now, Qualcomm will use the Terragraph technology in its upcoming chipset and according to the current plans, the trials will begin in the middle of next year. This move will pave the way for manufacturers to build 60 GHz broadcast equipment.

Qualcomm has written in its announcement that “It is based on the pre-802.11ay standard with enhancements provided by the Qualcomm  Technologies’ chipset and the integrated software between Facebook  and Qualcomm Technologies to support efficient outdoor operation and avoid interference in dense environments”

For the purpose of testing the technology, San Jose has been selected. Although San Jose is not the biggest city, still the company needs to prove a solid testing ground for its tech-savvy crowd. Both the companies have said that this new technology will help to minimize the cost of high-speed wireless and it will allow delivering wireless connection to densely populated areas with hurdles like those with densely filled buildings.

The earlier launch of Terragraph uses high-frequency radio waves, which help to enhance the network speed in areas with dense population.  In the new project, both the companies will work to bring in gigabyte Wi-Fi operating at 60 GHz wireless speeds.

The Vice President of Connectivity at Facebook, Yael Maguire, said “With Terragraph, our goal is to enable people living in urban areas to access high-quality connectivity that can help create new opportunities and strengthen communities,”

The spokesperson of Qualcomm said that the new Terragraph project can prove to be a boon for both rural and urban neighborhoods that are currently suffering from the Wi-Fi dead zone.

But this is not the first time when Facebook is making its presence stronger in the Internet market as it already has Free Basics, a free internet service that came under limelight when it offered a very abbreviated and carefully created version of the web.

The fake news making its way on the site created troubles for Facebook and that’s why it has to remove the service from Myanmar and various different areas where it created the problem of spreading misleading information.

Facebook is also looking to conquer more rural spots Antenna Radio Integration for Efficiency in Spectrum (ARIES) system. The ARIES was launched and demonstrated at the same F8 event.

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