Now People From The U.S Can Use Google One

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With cloud becoming a prominent technology in the whole world, Google answered the cloud solution with its ultimate cloud storage platform; Google Drive. Although the Google Drive is free for all but all those people who are looking for some more extra space can purchase the paid version of the Google Drive platform.

But this free and paid version on the same platform created a confusion among the users and, therefore, a few months back, Google announced about the completely paid version of cloud storage in the form of Google One. And now the Google One is open to more people. But somehow, it has been made limited to the people of US only.

After the launch of the Google One, its availability was made very limited but in a recent blog of Google, it has been announced that now the cloud storage service is available to residents of US also.

During the past few weeks, Google slowly rolled down existing Drive subscribers over to a Google One membership and from 16.8.18,  completely new users who are the citizen of the US, can sign up for the Google One membership.

The pricing structure of the Google One platform is also quite decent as the 100GB space on the cloud is being offered at $1.99 while the 200GB space is being offered at $2.99. But if you wish to get a much larger space on the cloud then you can go for the 2TB option, which is available at $9.99 and then the other options like 10TB, 20TB and 30TB are available between a price range of $99.99 to $299.99.

One of the best things about this plan is that you can share the storage space with up to 5 family members. This option will not only allow you to save a lot of money but will also allow your family to use the same platform for cloud storage.

Although the main motive of the Google One is to offer better cloud storage services, there are some other benefits being given by Google to the Google One users. The main highlight of these benefits includes a customer support service through which you can contact and get answers to your queries regarding the Google Product.

Other than this, you will also get hotel discounts if you search them on the Google map and credits on Google play.

If you are looking for a consumer product then the Google One is the way to go for you but if you are running a business and looking for professional cloud storage platform then the Google’s G suite will be the most favorable one.

For now, the Google One is available in U.S only but is being expected that soon Google will launch it for other countries or for global uses as well.

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