Microsoft integrates its payment option with Outlook

At the build 2018, Microsoft announced that it will be integrating Microsoft Pay with the Outlook inbox and this is the best answer which Microsoft could have given to competitors like Android Pay and Apple Pay. The Microsoft Pay was officially launched as Microsoft wallet in the year 2016 but now it is proving to be more useful.

The announcement of integration means that now when you receive invoice through an email from a company in Outlook, then you will be able to make the payment for that particular invoice without leaving Outlook or choosing any other app.

After the launch, the service of payment through the Outlook will be made available for only a limited number of Outlook users and then it will go for a widened launch in the upcoming months. It has been said that Stripe and Braintree are going to be the payment processors while FreshBooks, Intuit, Sage, Wave are going to be the billing and invoicing services. In layman’s language, the businesses which are using these features will be able to able to offer Outlook customers the power to access these features.

But the initiative of Microsoft to integrate its payment option with Outlook isn’t only limited to giving competition to players like Android Pay and Apple pay, as they are looking at the bigger picture of minimizing the hurdles in its services with Adaptive Cards and other integration based developer machines. Microsoft has a wide range of capabilities in terms of services which it can offer for computing and in order to attract customers for using their services more, they are taking these initiatives.

During a statement, the head of global and revenue growth of Stripe, Richard Alfonsi said, Stripe’s goal is to increase the GDP of the internet, which we do by providing the tools and infrastructure that make it easier to transact online from anywhere in the world”. He further added “We’re excited to work closely with Microsoft to power payments in Outlook, allowing anyone receiving an email invoice or bill in Outlook to immediately take action and pay that invoice with a few simple clicks. By removing the friction and time needed to complete a payment, Stripe and Microsoft can help businesses around the world reduce missed or late payments, ultimately increasing their revenue.”

In addition to the announcement of Microsoft to integrate its payment option with Outlook, Stripe also announced that it will now support the Microsoft Pay in order to avoid multiple card details entry because all the firms who are using Stripe in other apps will be able to offer it as an option to firms that are using Microsoft Pay.

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