List of The Most Popular Alternatives For WordPress

Undoubtedly, WordPress is one of the best platforms for website creation. The numerous amounts of plugins and themes that WordPress provides are totally remarkable. Be it a small firm or a fully established organization, WordPress is the most preferred platform for building websites.  However, it is not the only option for the developers.

There are also many top-notch sites that are as good as WordPress. So, in this blog, we will be enlisting 5 of the most popular alternatives of WordPress that you can try.


Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems available and is only behind to Drupal and WordPress. It is loaded with tons of features that can be used to run any kind of site. Whether it’s a simple brochure, blog, e-commerce, business or an informational website, Joomla will stand up to its reputation.

Joomla is a multilingual platform and supports over more than 64 languages. It also provides an access to a massive library that has nearly 10,000 extensions. Along with that, the users also get front and back end templates that can prove to be highly useful during times.


Drupal is also one of the most widely used CMS platforms on the web. It also maintains a massive user base and is known to powers around 2.1 % of the websites available on the internet. Drupal offers many amazing features such as user and permission management, multilingual support (Over 70 languages), complete control over content presentation, including themes, jQuery integration, view and many more.

However, Joomla is not very beginner friendly and it requires a basic skill to use to its fullest potential. Drupal is a very good choice for sophisticated web projects that are far beyond a typical website.


In recent times, Wix has also emerged as a popular web development platform. It’s absolutely free for creating a site for personal use or a small business. It is equipped with a pre-designed templates feature that allows the users to simplify their website just by drag and drop. It also can be used for creating an e-commerce site but for that the users will have to pay a certain amount of money. One great thing about Wix is that it guides its users step by step and make the process of building a website very simple.


Squarespace is considered a great platform for website creation. It provides effective tools that make the task of creating a website less hectic. It also provides an impressive set of large numbers of pre-made templates that are ideal for all kinds of business and purpose.  One thing that makes Squarespace a good platform is that it’s very user-friendly and is easy to follow. It provides modules for all kind of websites such as blogging, e-commerce, portfolios and many more.


 Weebly is a complete hosted website builder. Using it is so simple that a teenager can create a website of his/her own. You will get a good set of pre-designed templates that can be simply applied just by using their drag and drop feature.  The designs that you are offered on Weebly is optimized even for mobile and tablet devices. It gives a good number of tools to make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience while creating a website.

Well, this was the list and all of them are quite remarkable. So, if you are planning to create a website then you might consider the above-given options next time.

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