Common Myths Related To Conversion Rate Optimization

Today, most of the businesses are converting themselves into an online business due to its gigantic benefits. The main reason behind creating a website is to target numerous audiences on the realm of the internet and implement various marketing strategies to convert them into customers.

To achieve this goal, companies use various methods such as through content marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, online reputation management and many more. But what’s the point of incorporating so many methods and investing so much, if you are unable to convert the visitors into your customers. This is where CRO comes to play.

Basically, CRO or known as Conversion rate optimization is a process of increasing the number of your website’s visitors in order to convert them into your customers. CRO helps immensely in increasing the conversion rate. However, like every other good thing on the internet, the CRO is also a victim of many myths and misconceptions that are resisting many companies from using it to its full potential.

Below is the list of some of the most common myths related to Conversion rate optimization:

You can be successful by imitating the others

Well, this is one of the biggest myths and it definitely needs busting. There are countless companies out there whom you can follow and learn valuable things, but copying them will not give you any measurable results.  CRO is not only web designs. It depends on the company and the customers that it have, so it is important to understand your customers might be different than the companies you are trying to copy.

A/B testing and CRO is all the same

Most of the people think that A/B testing and CRO is all same. Well, the reality is somehow different. Indeed, it is true that A/B testing is a part of CRO but they both are not same. A/B testing is a part of the equation that most marketers should follow while implementing CRO.  Focusing only on A/B testing results and ignoring the impact of other useful things such as designs and copy image may pull on the verge of big problems.

All visitors land to your website for the same perceptions

Another very common misconception among the people is that all audiences visit a website for the same purpose. Well, this is not true as there are many audiences who may visit your page just for information. So, you cannot implement the same conversion rate optimization for everyone.  You just cannot presume that all of your audiences are visiting your page for the same purpose.

Follow the standard CRO tactics

In many cases, people think that following the standard tactics that are being implemented by the big companies may also work for them. However, the ground reality is different and it’s a wrong contemplation because there is no permanent or fixed strategy that can guarantee you with a 100% result. Every business needs different conversion rate optimization tactics to be successful.

Conversion rate optimization services are expensive

There is a wrong opinion among the people that availing CRO services will cost people their fortune, but this is again a misconception that many people have. In fact, the CRO is far more cost-effective than any other advertising services.

If you are planning to implement a customer rate optimization tactic for your business, then it is important that you learn about it thoroughly, so that you don’t become a victim of these above-mentioned myths or misconceptions.

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